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Healthy and delicious recipes made from garden-fresh and foraged foods.

Recipe: Elderflower kombucha thumbnail

Recipe: Elderflower kombucha

Find out how to make elderflower kombucha: a delicious easy-to-make beverage with probiotic properties. Recipe works equally well with other edible flowers! …

Easiest ginger or turmeric bug recipe thumbnail

Easiest ginger or turmeric bug recipe

A ginger or turmeric bug is a delicious, living probiotic drink that's naturally carbonated. In this article, you'll find out the easiest method to make your own turmeric bug in 5-7 days plus the best varieties of turmeric to…

Duck egg Meyer lemon curd thumbnail

Duck egg Meyer lemon curd

A simple, delicious dessert recipe made with Meyer lemons and duck eggs that you can eat as-is or as an ingredient in tarts, cakes, and other recipes.…