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Introducing Passiflora incarnata, a delicious passion fruit that grows in the United States!

Love passionfruit? You don’t have to live in the tropics to grow or forage this delicious fruit and enjoy the intricate, unique flowers.

Tropical passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) only grows in tropical climates, but purple passionflower plants (Passiflora incarnata) grow throughout the eastern US.

The fruit, often called “maypops,” is delicious, tangy, and tropical-flavored.

Here’s how to ID purple passionflower plants in the wild:

Grow from late spring through first frost.

1. Season

Vines can grow up to 20’ long.

2. Growth habit

Three-lobed slightly serrated leaves with pointed tips.

3. Leaves

Showy, ornate 2-3” purple-white flowers.

4. Flowers

Green-skinned fruit about the size of large egg; becomes slightly yellow when ripe.

5. Fruit

Passion vines are a host plant for multiple pollinators; expect to see Gulf fritillary caterpillars (below)... well as Gulf fritillary butterflies (below) & other species of butterfly as well! 

Grow your own? If you find a wild patch, you can grow your own from root cuttings or seed. See detailed growing instructions in full article!

Ripe maypop fruit can be eaten as-is or made into delicious drinks, jelly, and dessert.

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