9 amazing duck facts

that will blow your human mind

Think ducks are dumb, clumsy animals? Think again!

Here are 9 amazing duck facts that will blow your human mind...

Ducks can close one eye and put half their brain to sleep while keeping watch (or watching TV) with the other half.

#1. Zzzzz

Ducks are causing scientists to rethink how abstract intelligence works and what species possess it.

#2. Bird brained 

Domestic ducks can produce more eggs than chickens, plus their eggs taste richer and are more nutritious.

#3. Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Ducks have one of the longest penises of any animal, even though only 3% of bird species have penises at all!

#4. Does size matter?

Ducks perform amazing aerial feats, flying as far as 800 miles in an 8 hour flight at altitudes up to 21,000 ft!

#5. Ultra marathoners

Ducks can live longer than dogs… up to 20 years!

#6. The golden years

Ducks can see 360 degrees around them, 3x better than humans, and in 4-D color.

#7. Primo views

Ducks' feet are virtually impossible to freeze thanks to specialized arterial networks in their legs.

#8. No cold feet here!

Due to their amazing respiratory systems, ducks don’t go hypoxic at high altitudes and can even quack while inhaling.

#9. Amazing air sacs

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