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Healthy and delicious recipes made from garden-fresh and foraged foods.

Pickled daylily flower buds thumbnail

Pickled daylily flower buds

Pickled daylily flower buds are a simple and delicious way to enjoy edible daylilies! Have them in your fridge in less than 10 minutes!…

Serviceberry pecan maple crumble thumbnail

Serviceberry pecan maple crumble

Serviceberry pecan maple crumble: a simple and delicious dessert featuring the uniquely delicious flavor of serviceberries, aka juneberries.…

Fermented elderberry syrup thumbnail

Fermented elderberry syrup

Find out how to make fermented elderberry syrup: a simple and delicious immune-boosting herbal remedy with potent antiviral properties! …

Chestnut crabapple mash thumbnail

Chestnut crabapple mash

Find out how to make chestnut crabapple mash, a delicious seasonal treat that can be eaten like mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes! …

Crabapple maple syrup pie thumbnail
Foraged Recipes

Crabapple maple syrup pie

Better than apple pie? This crabapple pie recipe is sweetened with maple syrup and features an organic whole wheat pastry flour crust!…

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