how to hatch GOOSE eggs

Tips, tricks, & troubleshooting

Need a crash course in hatching goose eggs?

First, it’s important to know the basics…


Domestic geese will only produce eggs for a short time window in the spring.

Days to Hatch?

Goose eggs can take 28 - 35 days to hatch, depending on breed.

When to Start Counting?

Day 1 = the first day of incubation via momma goose or electric incubator.

Make sure her nest is in a safe, secure spot that can’t be accessed by predators.

Will Mama Goose Leave?

For the first few weeks, she’ll typically leave her nest 1-2 times per day to eat, drink, and poop.

The last 3-5 days are the “lockdown” period, during which she won’t leave.

Providing food and water near her nest throughout incubation is helpful, especially during lockdown.

Piping & Hatching!

“Pipping” is when a gosling uses its egg tooth to begin cracking through the shell.

From pip to hatch takes 24-48 hours. You should NOT help or you risk killing the gosling.

Incubating goose eggs yourself is much harder than letting momma goose do it.

Humidity & temperature have to be precise, you have to regularly turn the eggs, etc.

Mail-ordering hatching eggs is better than ordering goslings, since goslings can easily die en route.

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