how to hatch duck eggs

What you should know before starting!

2 methods to choose from when hatching duck eggs (both have pros & cons):

Let your ducks hatch the eggs themselves.

Method #1:

— You already have mature female ducks from breeds known for good mothering instincts. — You’re not concerned about raising really tame (pet) ducks.

Ideal if...

Use an incubator to hatch duck eggs yourself.

Method #2:

— You don’t have mature female ducks known for good mothering instincts. — You have a good DUCK egg incubator and extra time to hatch & care for ducklings.

Ideal if...

6 other things you should know before taking a crack at hatching eggs:

A fertilized duck egg can remain viable for at least 14 days after laying and prior to being incubated (artificially or under momma duck).

1. Egg viability

It takes about 28 days for a duck egg to hatch. (Or 35 for Muscovy eggs)

2. Days to hatch

Duck eggs incubate at 99.5°F, with some caveats.

3. Temperature

Days 1-25, duck eggs require a humidity level of 55-58%; Days 26-28 require 65% + humidity.

4. Humidity

Once a duckling “pips” (starts hatching), it may take another 48 hours to finish. If you “help,” you might kill the duckling — DO NOT HELP.

5. Hatching

A hatched duckling needs immediate warmth, but doesn’t need immediate food or water (for drinking or swimming).

6. Warmth

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