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Are you a duck parent looking for the perfect gift for your spoiled pet ducks or backyard ducks? Or are you shopping for someone who loves their ducks more than they love you? (Don’t take it personally, it’s hard to compete for heart space with a duck.)

If so, this gift guide for duck parents will help you come up with thoughtful gifts perfect for both spoiled ducks and their human slaves/parents alike.

How do we know these fowl presents will be a hit? Because we’re duck parents ourselves, and we either own or covet every item in our duck parent gift guide.

The ultimate duck parent gift guide 

The 30+ items listed in our duck gift guide span a wide price range. That means you can find the perfect gift regardless of your budget. The items are NOT listed in any particular order, so don’t assume the first thing on the list is the best or most/least expensive.

Pippa Luckinbill is not on the gift list, but if you'd like to send her gift treats, her shipping address can be provided.

Pippa Luckinbill is not on the gift list, but if you’d like to send her gift treats, her shipping address can be provided.

Browse away!

Click on any of the images or links in this gift guide to learn more information about the product (current prices, color variations, etc.) 

1. Duck diaper harnesses 

Whether you have pet ducks who come inside with you or a sick/injured duck who needs special care, having duck diaper harnesses on hand is essential. That’s why we wrote an article (with video) showing duck parents how to diaper their ducks.

Two of our girls, Marigold and Jackson modeling their Party Fowl duck diaper harnesses.

Two of our girls, Marigold and Jackson modeling their Party Fowl duck diaper harnesses.

We originally used and recommended the harnesses made by Party Fowl Pets, but after multiple bad customer service experiences with multi-month wait times (and knowing other people who had similar experiences), we switched to Etsy seller Leighton’s Landing Farm: Our orders with them ship immediately.

With duck diapers, fowl homes don’t have to be foul homes!

2. Clothing for duck parents 

Duck parents should also publicly display their devotion to their duck masters via the clothing they wear. That’s why it’s recommended that duck parents only go out in public wearing clothing with ducks prominently displayed on them.

Good gift choices to help accomplish this objective include:

a. Stylized I love ducks vintage tee

b. Duckaholic hooked on quack tee:
c. In case there’s any doubt as to who you are:

d. For you other duck mamas

e. Gentlemen: for more formal occasions, you can’t go wrong with a Hawaiian-style duckling shirt:

3. Duck-themed coffee and tea mugs 

Another great way to be-fowl yourself in public is by drinking from duck-themed mugs (while wearing duck clothing of course). This also has the added bonus of cutting down on waste.

Option 1: Carry your own “duck off” coffee mug.  

Option 2: One of the Tyrant’s favorite coffee/tea mug is this Miranda Goose mug, which combines two of her favorite activities, gardening and ducking. 

4. Duck jewelry

For women who want to take their public duckery to the next level, there’s duck jewelry:

a. Duck infinity pendant necklace for those whose love for ducks spans infinity:

b. Duck earrings. If you’re away from your ducks and you’re feeling slightly panicked that you can’t hear your feathered darlings, you can at least take comfort in wearing their effigies on your ears with these duck earrings (unfortunately, the earrings don’t quack):

5. Duck pillow 

When you lay down on the couch to nap after a long day of ducking, there’s no better place to rest your head than a duck or duckling pillow to ease you into a dream about ducks.

(Full disclosure: The night before writing this gift guide I actually had a dream of thousands of diapered ducks landing in our yard on parachutes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t real.)     

This 18×18 cotton-linen duckling throw pillow cover will do the trick: 

6. Duck supplements 

In case you don’t know, a duck is basically a mouth and stomach with feathers on it. If you think you take great pleasure in food, you’ve never seen (or heard) a duck around its favorite treats… 

A few great treats to keep pet or backyard ducks healthy and happy include:

a. Dried black soldier fly larvae. Our ducks went bonkers for BSF (black soldier fly) larvae in our compost a couple summers back. Any duck will also love dried BSF and benefit from all the extra macro and micronutrients. (BSF have even more calcium in them than mealworms.)

b. Dried Mealworms. Our ducks also swoon for dried mealworms, and were once so addicted to mealworms that a shake of their mealworm bag would bring them running at full speed in our direction, quacking loudly with excitement. Just don’t regularly overdo it with high protein snacks (mealworms or BSF), especially with young ducklings. 

c. Kelp supplement. Ducks don’t just love greens, they need greens to be healthy and happy. Adding a bit of Coop Kelp to your ducks’ feed is a great way to help ensure they’re getting the nutrition they need. This supplement is especially helpful if you don’t have the resources to regularly feed fresh greens to your ducks. 

7. Indoor pet duck food & water dish 

In addition to diaper harnesses, another indoor essential for keeping your house clean while having indoor ducks is a Neater Feeder. Designed for dogs and cats, a Neater Feeder can also drastically reduce the mess your ducks make while eating and drinking indoors. (Yes, we know this from experience.)

8. Eggcellent duck gifts 

We have an entire article extolling the many virtues of duck eggs. Here are some gifts that other duck egg fanatics will love… 

a. Egg basket. Perfect for collecting duck eggs in the morning… assuming your ducks aren’t hiding their eggs from you.  

b. Egg spiral. Once you get those magical duck eggs back to your kitchen, this contraption is a great way to store them. Nope, you don’t have to put your eggs in the fridge. IF you don’t wash the protective “bloom” off, duck eggs will last for weeks at room temperature out of the sun.

An egg spiral will also help you use the oldest eggs first. (If you refrigerate your eggs, you can also write the production date on the shell with a pencil.)     

c. Egg timer. Want to make the perfect boiled duck eggs to the exact texture you prefer? Pro tips: 1. Add a splash of vinegar to the water; 2. Use eggs that are at least two weeks old so the shell comes off cleaner; 3. Use an egg timer. 

Just drop the egg timer in the water with your eggs and it will show you exactly when your eggs are perfectly done. 

d. Egg rings. Ever see those perfectly shaped fried eggs or eggs that fit just right on a sandwich or English muffin? You can do the same thing at home using egg rings. 

Egg rings for adults (not made with teflon):

Fun-shaped egg rings kids will love (not made with teflon): 
e. Dash Rapid egg cooker. Full disclosure here: we’ve never tried a Dash Rapid egg cooker, but we’ve heard amazing things about it. And the customer reviews describe it as positively miraculous. This could be the perfect gift for someone with lots of duck eggs who, ahem, struggles in the kitchen.

9. Duck university 

When you’re not taking care of ducks, thinking about ducks, or dreaming about ducks, you should decompress by reading about ducks. Or reading children’s books to your kids about ducks. Our recommendations: 

a. Books about raising ducks 

Storey’s guide to raising ducks (especially helpful for duck breeders) 

The ultimate pet duck guide book (especially helpful for pet duck parents) 

b. Duck children’s books

All of Tad Hills’ Duck & Goose books are awesome for kids… 

A cuddle for little ducks by Claire Freedman: 

c. Egg cookbooks. Think scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and omelettes are all you can do with duck eggs? Think again. There are thousands of amazing egg recipes to explore. These four egg cookbooks will help you (or your gift recipient) rediscover the magic of cooking with eggs:   

The Perfect Egg, A Fresh Take on Recipes from Morning, Noon, and Night

Egg: A culinary exploration of the world’s most versatile ingredient

The Egg Cookbook, The Creative Farm-to-Table Guide to Cooking Fresh Eggs

The Good Egg: More than 200 fresh approaches from breakfast to dessert (a James Beard Award winner!)

10. Making more ducks to fuel the addiction 

As we’ve detailed in our article 10 things you should know before getting ducks, ducks are the most addictive substance on earth. (The experts at Tyrant Farms all agree on this point.) 

What can you get for someone who is hopelessly addicted to ducks? A duck egg incubator so they can make more ducks. This one has an automated egg turner and can be set to ideal humidity levels needed for duck eggs (which have different humidity requirements than chicken eggs). 

11. The ultimate DIY duck gift… a self-cleaning duck pond

Let’s say you want to give your pets the ultimate gift in order to create extreme duck happiness. Or maybe you and the other humans in your household want a beautiful backyard pond for you and your ducks that doesn’t require constant maintenance or turn your backyard into a mud pit… 

Use our step-by-step guide and detailed materials list to create your own self-cleaning backyard duck pond! (Nope, it won’t freeze in the winter if you follow our instructions.)

Our ducks enjoying a morning swim in their pond on a freezing cold day.

Our ducks enjoying a morning swim in their pond on a freezing cold day.

We hope the 30+ gifts in our duck gift guide have helped you find the perfect gift for your ducks or the special duck parent in your life.

If you or someone you love is a quackaholic, do NOT seek outside help. This simply means you need more ducks, duck resources, or duck paraphernalia. 

A gift guide with over 30 great gift ideas that backyard duck and pet duck parents are sure to love. Get the perfect gift for the "quackaholic" in your life! #giftguide #tyrantfarms #ducklover #duckparent #duckgifts


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  • Reply
    Lindy van der Meulen
    October 23, 2021 at 10:25 am

    Dear Aaron and Susan, I have a question regarding electric fencing. We also have goats here on our property, two Anglo Nubian sterilised rams. We need electric fencing around their area to keep them away from plants and bushes they may not eat Our ducks are still very young around 8 weeks now. They are learning the lay of the land here also under guidance from our Australian shepherd, Wyke and our border collie Gaia. The dogs know to steer clear of the goats meadow because of the electric fencing, what would happen to the ducklings if they touched the lowest electric rope? Is that life threatening for them? I have disconnected the current for now but I hope the goats don’t find out.

    • Reply
      Aaron von Frank
      October 23, 2021 at 12:59 pm

      Hi Lindy! A modern pulsing electric fence isn’t going to be a high risk to your ducks. Their feathers will provide some shock insulation, but even then a shock isn’t going to kill them, just teach them not to touch it. The only risk would be if the fence was very high voltage and/or a duck got tangled in the fencing and suffered repeated shocks.

  • Reply
    July 21, 2021 at 12:10 am

    I think it would be good to update this article too about PartyFowl diapers to let people know whether they still want to buy from her or not. Did you ever receive your order from September by the way?

    • Reply
      Aaron von Frank
      July 21, 2021 at 12:26 pm

      We did finally get our order from Party Fowl duck but it took many months. Thanks for the reminder to update this article so as to recommend Leighton’s Landing Farm. Doing so now!

      • Reply
        July 23, 2021 at 4:45 pm

        How many months did it take for you? I’ve been waiting 4 months so far. 3-8+ weeks isn’t an accurate enough wait time as it says on their website. How much longer than 8 weeks on average? Half a year? With no customer service? It’s unfortunate because her diapers look really nice.
        I’m working with paypal now to help with this. Just giving them some time to reply to the dispute.
        I really appreciate all the ducky content btw. Ducks are wonderful! <3

        • Aaron von Frank
          July 24, 2021 at 1:53 pm

          The Tyrant recalls it taking many months, something like 6+ months. She says she may have had a kid more quickly than it took them to fulfill the order.

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