Duck My Life

About Duck My Life™

Duck My Life™ is a brand on a mission to do good and help more laughter fly into the world. Our line of humorous, stylish clothing and accessories is guaranteed to duck up your wardrobe and make people laugh. Plus, 10% of all proceeds go to waterfowl rescue operations who help save domestic ducks that have been abandoned at ponds and parks by their owners.

duck my life merch

A few samples from the Duck My Life product line (including Aaron showing off a couple of the originals on the bottom left). You can shop all Duck My Life products at our online Tee Spring store!

Duck My Life is founded by pet and backyard duck keepers Aaron and Susan von Frank of Tyrant Farms, but you don’t have to raise ducks to relate, buy our humorous products, or support the mission…

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Want to turn a bad day or experience around? Need to vent? Or simply want to make other people laugh? Let the magical power of ducks fly in for the rescue with “Duck My Life.” Yep, if you’ve ever raised pet ducks, you know there’s nothing in the world that can turn a frown upside down faster than a duck!

Where can you get Duck My Life products? 

You can buy Duck My Life clothes, mugs, totes, and more on our Tee Spring store! So go duck up your wardrobe or help duck over a friend you love! 

Why help waterfowl rescues? 

Unfortunately, lots of people who impulse buy ducks end up abandoning them at local ponds and waterways, where they soon starve to death or get killed or injured by predators. They also risk contributing to genetic pollution in wild Mallards populations before they die. (Domestic ducks are flightless and have other genes that should not cross back into wild populations!)

Waterfowl rescue operations are the unsung heroes on the front lines trying to fix this problem on a shoestring budget. If anyone has a reason to say “Duck My Life,” it’s these folks. So let’s support them however we can – donating money or supplies, volunteering, spreading the word — and now ducking over your wardrobe!

What waterfowl rescue are we currently supporting?

Duck My Life is currently supporting Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR).

Duck My Life and all associated images and brand marks are trademarks of bitTyrant, LLC / Tyrant Farms. 

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