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The world is full of wild plants and mushrooms. Some of them are poisonous and some of them are delicious gourmet delicacies. Come along on a forging journey with us into some of the wild edible foods of the southeastern US bioregion where we live and play. *Warning: never eat a wild plant or mushroom you’re not 100% confident you’ve correctly ID’d.

How to find mistletoe (with video!) thumbnail

How to find mistletoe (with video!)

Trying to figure out how to find mistletoe to add some holiday cheer to your home? We'll help you find mistletoe, but earning a kiss for your efforts is up to you... …

Lion's mane mushroom chowder thumbnail
Foraged Recipes

Lion’s mane mushroom chowder

Lion's mane mushroom chowder: a rich and savory chowder based on the classic New England clam chowder, but with forest food (mushrooms) instead of seafood. …

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