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Backyard ducks are the perfect animal if you want lots of eggs and great pets. As with any animal, there’s lots to know and lots of responsibility involved when you decide you’re ready to be owned by ducks. Learn everything you need to know to raise happy, healthy backyard ducks here!

In loving memory of Svetlana the duck, our baby girl thumbnail

In loving memory of Svetlana the duck, our baby girl

Svetlana the duck was the smartest, sweetest duck we've ever had. On Friday, October 26 she took her last breath. This article is intended as a memorial to honor her life and help others who may be experiencing grief…

Where to Buy Organic Duck Feed (& Duckling Feed) thumbnail

What to Feed Ducks and Ducklings

Got ducks? Thinking about getting ducks? Here's helpful information about the nutrition they need and where to find organic duck feed. …


A fowl battle: ducks vs chickens

Ducks vs chickens: find out which type of fowl comes out ahead in a side-by-side comparison for backyard (or farmyard) egg production. …