Giveaway! Win a Gardening Gift For You and A Friend

GrowJourney Gift Subscription Giveaway -

If you love to garden or know someone who does, we’ve got something to share with you. You and a gardening friend can win a great gardening gift: a 3 month gift subscription to the GrowJourney Seeds of the Month Club. (*GrowJourney is the USDA Certified Organic, heirloom monthly seed club we cofounded.)

If you win the Giveaway, you and your friend can select the type of gift subscription that’s best suited for you based on your garden size:

  • Standard Garden Subscription - Best for traditional to large gardens over 100 square feet. You’ll receive 5 packets of USDA certified organic, heirloom seeds each month + 2 free share packets. Many of the seed varieties will need space to grow, beyond what a patio pot can accommodate.
  • Patio & Small Garden Subscription - Best for patios, balconies, and gardens less than 100 square feet. 3 packets of USDA certified organic, heirloom seeds each month + 1 free share packet. Each of the seed varieties in this subscription are ideally suited to grow in small spaces, and even pots.

Enter to Win A GrowJourney Gift Subscription (for you and a friend)

Before entering, rub your fingers together and visualize sprouting seeds and baskets full of fresh, delicious organic produce.

Mmm, a nice summer harvest from our garden. Whether you have a yard or a patio, we want you to be able to harvest your own fresh, wholesome food.

Ready to enter? Here you go:

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Winners will be announced on 11/24 at 5pm.

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UPDATE 10/24/15: Frank Hinson and his gift recipient, Natalie Adair, are the winners of the GrowJourney 3 Month Gardening Gift giveaway!

Tip 1: You can increase your and your friend’s chance of winning if they enter the giveaway too—of course, they have to be willing to give you the gift if they win. :)

Tip 2: Make sure you answer both questions in the giveaway so you get two entry points.

Tip 3: Even if you don’t win this gift giveaway, GrowJourney’s gift memberships make an awesome present that you can still give to your gardening friend.


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