Announcement: we’re having a baby…

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We’re thrilled to announce that The Tyrant (Susan) and I are having a baby!

If all goes well, we’ll have a new baby boy in mid-December. We still haven’t settled on a name yet, but since we’re South Carolinians, we’re jokingly calling it Gator Steve until a final, more appropriate name is agreed upon.

Susan von Frank / Aaron von Frank

The Tyrant holding the first of many baby hats she’ll knit for Gator Steve. Aaron holding a pair of baby shoes that somehow survived Susan’s childhood AND didn’t get lost in our house.

New babies are not a unique phenomenon. In fact, on the day Gator Steve comes snapping and snarling into the world, nearly 400,000 other human babies will also be born.

However, having a baby will be new to us. Raising another human being will be the most important work we ever do. It will require us to be the best versions of ourselves while also helping our future child develop into the best version of himself.

The Tyrant and I are both thrilled and terrified about the journey ahead…

Changes coming to the Tyrant Farms website  

We originally created this website to share our interests and passions around growing & foraging food, to educate ourselves while educating others, and to document important parts of our life’s journey. None of that will change.

What will change is that we’ll be introducing a lot of new (and hopefully helpful) information about what we learn and do as we prepare for parenthood and beyond.

The first ultrasound of Gator Steve.

The first ultrasound of Gator Steve.

Hopefully, our experiences and the journey we take will help other soon-to-be parents as well.

We’ll be open and transparent about what we’re going through. We’ll share the challenges and hardships — and the joys. We’ll do our best to explain the choices we make (including the mistakes).

If you’d like to tune in to this new leg of the journey, please subscribe to our new Parenting category. If not, that’s fine too.



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