How to Make Squash Chips and Save Your Marriage


We love summer squash. We like grilling it, pickling it, stir frying it, sitting next to the duck pond with it, etc.. However, we don’t always do the best job […]

6 Delicious Teas You’ll Be Surprised You Can Make From Common Garden Plants

Hibiscus and Yaupon Holly Teas -

What’s the only caffeinated plant native to N. America? What stings like a jellyfish but tastes like flowers and cucumbers? The answers may be in your yard.

What Do Ladybug Larvae Look Like?

lady bug

What do ladybug larvae look like? Or ladybug eggs? Find out to make sure you never accidentally kill these beneficial, predatory insects in your garden.

Recipe: Garden Huckleberry Preserves (a Nightshade Berry)

Garden huckleberry preserves

We just made garden huckleberry preserves that took us completely by surprise. Learn more about growing & eating this delightful Physalis/Nightshade berry.

How to Make Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup

Learn how to make elderberry syrup! Research confirms that elderberries are a delicious, flu and cold-fighting superfood.

A Response to Slate Magazine on GMOs & Biotech

Soil in hand at Tyrant Farms

Slate Magazine’s article about GMOs & biotech says there is no difference between organic and conventional agriculture (or food). We respectfully disagree.

When Life Gives You Japanese Beetles, Make Duck Eggs

Duck eggs and garden veggies.

An effective organic control method for Japanese Beetles…that makes eggs!

Raising Ducks: how to integrate Ducks into your Urban Farm or Backyard


updated March 27, 2015 How to integrate and raise ducks into your urban farm or backyard A presentation prepared for the 2015 South Carolina Organization for Organic Living’s (SCOOL) annual […]

Epigenetics: You Are What Your Grandparents Ate

A nice, biodiverse organically grown summer harvest from our garden.

Epigenetics: what you eat, drink, smoke, think and do has a biological impact on your children and grandchildren.

A Delicious Indigo Milk Cap Recipe (Lactarius Indigo)

Fried Indigo Milk Caps (Lactarius Indigo)

Indigo Milk Cap Recipe – The Lactarius Indigo is one of the most beautiful mushrooms you’ll ever see (or eat).

Building Healthy Soil: explained in a single photo

jerusalem artichoke in soil - tyrant farms

Want to know how to naturally build healthy soil in your garden? We’ll explain how and show you a single image that says more than a a thousands words!

Introducing our new heirloom Seeds of the Month club

growjourney heirloom seeds of the month club

We’ve been a little quiet over the past few months, but we think we’ve got a good excuse. We’ve been putting all of our spare time into a project that […]

Three of Our Favorite Wild Edible Flowers of Spring

Wisteria sinsensis flowers.

They’re pretty. They smell wonderful. And they taste amazing. Here are our three favorite wild edible flowers of spring…What are yours?

Realizations From Killing and Eating An Animal We Raised Ourselves

Tyrant Farms - Welsh Harlequin ducks

What lessons about life did we learn from the death of our duck? The answers may surprise you.

Our First Duck Eggs… Plus Some Egg-Laying Tips

Marges First Egg (duck eggs)

Our oldest Welsh Harlequin duck, Lady Margaret Thrasher, laid her first eggs today!