A nice, biodiverse organically grown summer harvest from our garden.
A nice, biodiverse organically grown summer harvest from our garden.
jerusalem artichoke in soil - tyrant farms
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Wisteria sinsensis flowers.
Wisteria sinsensis flowers.

Raising Ducks: how to integrate Ducks into your Urban Farm or Backyard


updated March 27, 2015 How to integrate and raise ducks into your urban farm or backyard A presentation prepared for the 2015 South Carolina Organization for Organic Living’s (SCOOL) annual [...]

Epigenetics: You Are What Your Grandparents Ate

A nice, biodiverse organically grown summer harvest from our garden.

Epigenetics: what you eat, drink, smoke, think and do has a biological impact on your children and grandchildren.

A Delicious Indigo Milk Cap Recipe (Lactarius Indigo)

Fried Indigo Milk Caps (Lactarius Indigo)

Indigo Milk Cap Recipe – The Lactarius Indigo is one of the most beautiful mushrooms you’ll ever see (or eat).

Building Healthy Soil: explained in a single photo

jerusalem artichoke in soil - tyrant farms

Want to know how to naturally build healthy soil in your garden? We’ll explain how and show you a single image that says more than a a thousands words!

Introducing our new heirloom Seeds of the Month club

growjourney heirloom seeds of the month club

We’ve been a little quiet over the past few months, but we think we’ve got a good excuse. We’ve been putting all of our spare time into a project that [...]

Three of Our Favorite Wild Edible Flowers of Spring

Wisteria sinsensis flowers.

They’re pretty. They smell wonderful. And they taste amazing. Here are our three favorite wild edible flowers of spring…What are yours?

Realizations From Killing and Eating An Animal We Raised Ourselves

Tyrant Farms - Welsh Harlequin ducks

What lessons about life did we learn from the death of our duck? The answers may surprise you.

Our First Duck Eggs… Plus Some Egg-Laying Tips

Marges First Egg (duck eggs)

Our oldest Welsh Harlequin duck, Lady Margaret Thrasher, laid her first eggs today!

A Visit to Windy Hill Orchard & Cidery

Windy Hill Orchard hard ciders - York, SC

We recently went to York, SC to visit Windy Hill Orchard & Cidery, a multi-generational, family-owned apple farm that produces our favorite hard ciders.

Hibiscus: A Tasty Addition to Your Edible Landscape or Garden

hibiscus calyxes

Hibiscus tea, hibiscus jelly… yep, hibiscus plants don’t just make beautiful flowers, they can also make wonderful edible plants!

A Fowl Battle: Ducks vs Chickens

Bob von Kitten watches over his ducklings.

Ducks vs chickens: find out which type of fowl comes out ahead in a side-by-side comparison for backyard (or farmyard) egg production.

RIP Cindy (2009 – 2013). You’ll Be Missed.


Tyrant Farms is named in honor of the benevolent dictator, Susan. However, there is another lady who has played an integral role in creating our little slice of edible paradise [...]

Introducing the Chicken of the Woods Mushroom (Laetiporus cincinnatus et al)

Laetiporus cincinnatus - Chicken of the woods mushroom

Meet a wild, native gourmet mushroom that can weigh up to 100 pounds and tastes just like chicken: Laetiporus cincinnatus, aka Chicken of the Woods.

How to Extend Your Tomato Growing Season

heirloom tomatoes - Tyrant Farms

Want to extend your tomato growing season in order to get another round of big yields before first frost? Come find out how!

How to Grow Strawberry Plants From Runners

Oscar von Kitten with a strawberry runner - Tyrant Farms

Want to have a garden or yard full of more strawberries than you can eat? Here’s how to grow new strawberry plants for FREE!