for keeping indoor pet ducks

9 tips & tricks...

Ducks can make great pets — and even (partial) house pets!


Or maybe you have a sick or injured duck who needs indoor care & recovery…

No, keeping indoor pet ducks isn’t as simple as other pets like cats.

Here are our Top 9 tips & tricks for successfully keeping indoor pet ducks

Make sure your ducks have daily outdoor time; the more the better.

Tip #1.

Ducks need constant companionship, so get at least two. (Male/male OR female/female, not mixed-sex!)

Tip #2.

Make sure your ducks have access to grit AND get at least 6 hours of sunlight.

Tip #3.

Use duck diapers because you can’t potty-train ducks.

Tip #4.

Set up a duck-friendly indoor food & watering station to reduce mess.

Tip #5.

For optimal health & happiness, provide at least two swims per day.

Tip #6.

Provide a safe, consistent overnight sleeping area for your ducks.

Tip #7.

If your ducks aren’t wearing down their toenails outdoors, clip them.

Tip #8.

Have a good vacuum (not optional) and maybe an air purifier.

Tip #9.

(Caution: If you're a "neat freak" house ducks might not be a good fit.)

Tip #9.

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