Stop your cat from killing birds & wildlife

5 ways to

There are 60 million pet cats and 30-80 million unowned cats in the US?

Did you know....

Cats kill 1-4 BILLION birds each year in the US &  have caused at least 33 extinctions?

Did you know....

You can keep your cats from killing birds and wildlife. Here are 5 ways to help:

Good news!!

If possible, make your cat(s) an indoor cat. This will also increase their lifespan from 2 to 15 years!

# 1.

If you have an outdoor cat (even if confined to your yard), put Birdsbesafe® cat collars on them.


Research shows that Birdsbesafe® collars reduced feline-caused bird fatalities by a whopping 87%!

Spay, neuter, adopt. This keeps cat populations under control and has a range of other benefits.


If your cat is outdoors, install a DIY in-ground electric fence. This reduces wildlife fatalities AND the risk of injury and death to your cat!


Our fence contains our cat, but doesn't keep skunks out - and Bob never learns to leave them alone. We're experts at de-skunking Bob as a result.


For stray or feral cats: if you can’t adopt them and make them an indoor pet, bring them to a no-kill shelter, or cat foster-to-adopt program.


Some cities also have trap-neutar-return (TNR) programs where you trap, neutar the tom cat, and release it back, which can help control cat populations.


These 5 tips will reduce unnecessary wildlife destruction AND help cats live longer, healthier lives. Fellow cat owners: please help!

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