grow & eat edible roses

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Yes, roses are edible! Roses are closely related to apples, cherries, and other popular Rosacaea family plants.

Since roses are commonly sprayed with pesticides, it’s best to grow your own for food purposes.


There’s also a lot of flavor variability between rose plants/cultivars. Some are better for eating than others…

Which parts of a rose plant are edible?

Tender young rose leaves make a good herbal tea.

Edible part #1: Leaves

Rose buds (unopened flowers) make delicious, rose-flavored tea and other recipes.

Edible part #2: Rose flower buds

Packed with Vitamin C and featuring the flavor of tangy apricots, rose hips make great preserves, fruit leather, and more.

Edible part #3: Rose hips

Fresh rose petals make amazingly tasty and beautiful drinks, salads, and confections.

Edible part #4: Rose Petals

Want proof? Try our fermented rose flower cordial!

Edible part #4: Rose Petals

How do you grow rose plants using organic methods (no synthetic pesticides)?

Which rose varieties are the hardiest and produce the best edible flowers and hips?

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