get your ducks to like you!

how to...

Ducks can be friendly, sociable animals — and even amazing pets!

We've raised extremely tame ducklings & ducks for over a decade...

And for years, we even kept indoor pet ducks!

How tame can ducks be? Pretty tame if you consider lap ducks tame!

Svetlana cuddling on the sofa while Susan knits a hat.

Here are our TOP 3 TIPS for how to get your ducks to like you...

Svetlana and Susan grabbing a quick nap. Zzzzzz...

Carefully consider duck BREED if you’re aiming for tame ducks.

Tip #1.

Each breed has a slightly different baseline temperament, although each duck is still a unique individual.

Saxony Muscovy Silver Appleyard Welsh Harlequin Black Swedish

Most sociable breeds?

Just like pit bull dogs can be sweet if raised in certain environments, even ducks from less social breeds can still be friendy.

Employ “forced” loving + treats from a YOUNG age...

Tip #2.

The earlier you can start training your ducklings to like you, the better…

So hatch your own eggs or get them young!

If you can safely cuddle two at a time, do it! A companion duck will help keep them calm.

Then handle them regularly while giving them their favorite treats, so they make positive associations with human cuddles.

Continue cuddles + treats into adulthood!

Tip #3.

Your ducklings or ducks like you so you stop handling and giving them treats. What happens?

Continue to regularly handle & provide treats throughout their lives so they don’t lose that loving feeling!

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