which is best for you?

Ducks vs. Chickens

For clarity, by “ducks” we mean mallard-derived domestics, NOT muscovies which are considered invasive in the US.

Both ducks & chickens have pros and cons you should know about before choosing one - or both.

Here’s a 12-point comparison of ducks vs chickens:

Ducks win. They lay more and larger eggs than chickens, plus duck eggs are richer-flavored & more nutritious. .

1. Egg production:

Ducks win. Ducks & chickens start laying eggs roughly the same age, but ducks maintain peak egg production for more years and live longer than chickens.

2. Months to production, productive life, & lifespan

Tie. If you’re looking for a meat producer, meat breeds of ducks and chickens finish at around the same weight and time.

3. Meat production:

Ducks win. Ducks are less prone to diseases & illnesses (espc. in wet climates), but vet care is harder to find & more costly.

4.Healthcare & illness susceptibility

Ducks win. Ducks can thrive in a wider climate range than chickens — especially in wetter, cooler climates.

5.Climate adaptability

Tie. Ducks & chickens both need coops and other protective infrastructure. Ducks are flightless, chickens may need their wings clipped.

6. Housing & living areas

Chickens win. At a minimum, ducks need a water bowl deep enough to submerge their heads in (and ideally a pool). All chickens need is a drip nipple.

7. Water needs:

Chickens win. Chickens eat less than ducks, and their food is usually easier and less expensive to find (especially in organic formulations).

8. Feed needs & cost:

Tie. Both ducks and chickens are excellent foragers & pest control, but chickens can do more damage to a landscape since they scratch and dig.

9. Foraging ability / pest control

Tie. Ducks and chickens are both highly susceptible to predation in both rural & urban environments.

10. Susceptibility to predators

Tie. Starting young with regular handling and treats, both ducks and chickens can make excellent pets.

11. Sociability as pets

Chickens win. – Female ducks are much louder than female chickens; male chickens are much louder than male ducks.

12. Noise

Can’t decide which is best for you? You can get ducks AND chickens, but raising both is more difficult.

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