Duck eggs vs. chicken eggs

A 7-point comparison...

Everyone knows chicken eggs are edible but many people don’t realize you can eat duck eggs, too.

In fact, many professional chefs and bakers prefer duck eggs to chicken eggs!

Here’s how duck eggs and chicken eggs compare across 7 criteria:

Duck eggs are considerably larger than chicken eggs AND they have larger yolks.

1. Egg size

Duck eggs are richer and creamier than chicken eggs.

2. Flavor

Duck eggs are more nutrient-dense, containing more protein, fat, vitamins & minerals than chicken eggs.

3. Nutrition, Health, Allergies

Allergic to chicken eggs? You might not be allergic to duck eggs. The opposite is also true.

3. Nutrition, Health, Allergies

Want creamier, richer flavor in a recipe? Use duck eggs!

4. Cooking & baking

However, since they’re larger than chicken eggs, don’t substitute them 1:1. Instead, substitute based on weight.

4. Cooking & baking

Duck eggs are harder to find for sale, and they’re more expensive than chicken eggs.

5. Cost & availability

If you raise backyard poultry, you can produce duck eggs for about the same cost of chicken eggs.

5. Cost & availability

Duck egg shells are thicker, harder, and less brittle than chicken eggs, so cracking requires more force!

6. Shell thickness & hardness

Chicken eggs come in 5 colors, duck eggs come in 3 colors. Shell color makes no difference to nutrition!

7. Shell color

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