How to keep deer out of your yard or garden

Dad's trick:

Do you have a multi-acre rural landscape?

First, consider context...

Small urban landscape?  a Limited budget?

Regardless, your deer-deterring solution may require multiple methods…

This often works well when you’re trying to protect a small area (like a garden or flower bed) and deer have plenty of other places to eat.

Method 1:  The Fishing Line Trick

Method 1:  The Fishing Line Trick

Bobbex all-natural deer repellent spray. Apply Bobbex directly on ornamental plants or around the perimeter of edible garden beds/plants.

Method 2: Bobbex

Method 2: Bobbex

For edible gardens & raised beds, use lightweight or heavyweight row cover, depending on season.

Method 3a: Row Cover

DIY wire cages work great for protecting individual small plants like hostas, asparagus, etc.

Method 3b: DIY Cages

To protect large rural tracts, electric fencing is the way to go if resources allow.

Method 4: Electric Fence

And, no, Irish Spring soap does NOT work to repel deer!


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