keep your backyard ducks or chickens safe from predators

17 tips to... 

In both urban and rural environments, there are countless predators that will eat your backyard poultry or their eggs…

How do you keep them safe without keeping them locked up all day?

Here’s a 17-point checklist…  The more items you can check off the better!

Install 6’ tall perimeter fencing around your duck area.

Tip #1: Tall Fence

Bury 1-2′ of hardware cloth on the outside of your fence. (prevents dig-ins)

Tip #2: Thwart digging

Block any gaps or holes in your fence.

Tip #3: Close fence gaps

Don’t skimp on your coop - this is your poultry’s only night defense!

Tip #4: Secure coop!

Use 1/2″ or smaller wire mesh on your coop’s exterior. (NOT chickenwire!)

Tip #5: Hardware cloth

Bury 1/2″ – 1/4″ wire mesh underneath your coop.

Tip #6: Hardware cloth

Use safety latch eye & hook locks on your coop doors & windows.

Tip #7: Safety latch

Construct tight openings around coop doors/windows.

Tip #8: Tight construction

Remove eggs each morning and close your coop door during the day.

Tip #9: Remove eggs

Don’t put your flock out until an hour after dawn.

Tip #10: 1 hr after dawn

Put your flock up at least 30 minutes before dusk.

Tip #11: 1 hr before dusk

Put (or grow) obstacles in hawk “runways.”

Tip #12: Aerial obstacles

Get more poultry. 1-2 ducks or chickens are sitting ducks for hawks!

Tip #13: MORE poultry!

Consider guard dogs or guard cats.

Tip #14: Guard animals

Don’t leave poultry food outside at night.

Tip #15: Put away food

Gentlemen, regularly mark your territory!

Tip #16: Mark your spot

Always check inside your coop before putting your poultry up at night.

Tip #17: Check your coop

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