before you get ducks

11 things to know

Many people decide to raise ducks without knowing what’s involved…

This often ends up in disappointment — and injured, abandoned, or dead ducks.

So before you raise ducks, here are 11 things you should know upfront:

They require a lot of care.

#1: Adult ducks are NOT low maintenance birds.

and more specialized care than adults ducks.

#2: BABY ducklings require more care — 

Most vets aren’t avian vets, so they won’t accept poultry patients.

#3: Specialty healthcare

You can't get just 1 duck.

#4: Ducks need friends

Predators will go after your ducks night and day, even in urban environments.

#5: Predators will be a problem...

Plan for a long-term commitment.

#6: Ducks can live well into their teens...

Ducklings and ducks have varying, specialized nutritional needs.

#7: Specific dietary reqirements

The eggs you produce will probably cost more than eggs you can buy.

#8: You won't save money

Get breeds that match your goals: more eggs, calmer, larger, family pets, etc.

#9: What are your goals?

You may not be able to own ducks where you live (HOA or city restrictions).

#11: Do you have a HOA?

Despite all the effort, ducks are easy to fall in love with. You’re very likely to become duck-obsessed & get more!

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