Introducing our new heirloom Seeds of the Month club

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We’ve been a little quiet over the past few months, but we think we’ve got a good excuse. We’ve been putting all of our spare time into a project that we’re REALLY excited to tell you about: GrowJourney Seeds of the Month Club.

GrowJourney Seeds of the Month Club logo

Our Goal

GrowJourney’s mission is to ignite a grassroots passion for growing and sharing traditionally bred, heirloom, organic foods, while encouraging the use of gardening & farming practices that improve long-term soil fertility, environmental health and human wellness. How are we going to do that? By making organic gardening simpler, easier and more affordable for anyone.   

If you become a member, each month you’ll receive five new packets of heirloom gardening seeds (sourced from certified organic farms) plus expert, easy-to-follow growing instructions and gardening plans.

GrowJourney Seeds of the month club - heirloom seeds

We’re working with our dear friend Eliza Holcombe-Lord (master gardener, master naturalist and permaculture teacher/blogger to help carefully select each month’s seed varieties and put together the teaching resources that make it as easy as possible for you to organically grow, harvest and save seeds from each GrowJourney seed variety.

There’s nothing more rewarding than picking a basket full of organic produce you grew from seed in your own garden—especially when you slash your grocery bills in the process. Through GrowJourney, we want more people to share that experience, and help save the world’s seeds and biodiversity in the process.

GrowJourney: Heirloom Seeds of the Month club.

Please Help!

Now we’re trying to get the word out about GrowJourney… If you share our passion for real, wholesome food and organic/permaculture growing methods, we’d like to ask for your help…

Three ways you can help (if you have a fourth or fifth way to help, go for it!):

  1. JOIN – Obviously, we’d LOVE for you to come on over and join GrowJourney. We’ve got three membership options that you can choose from here.
  2. GIFT – If you’re looking for the perfect gardening gift that keeps on giving, consider a Gift Membership to GrowJourney.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD – Please help us spread the word (in person and via social media) with anyone you know who might be interested in learning how to garden organically OR becoming a better gardener. We’d love to help them on their #GrowJourney!

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